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              About Us

              Zhejiang Hongda Chemicals occupies more than 66,600 square meters. Our company engages in Optical Brighteners and textile printing dyeing for more than 20 years and accumulates large experience. The company now owns many certificates, such as ISO9002, which gained in 2000; ISO9001 and ISO14001, which gained in 2005. The company paid high attention to staff’s quality and development.

              Main Products

              Contact Us

              Whitening agent Division  (OBA for detergent, papermaking and plastics)
              Contact: Manager Zhu  
              Tel: 13758168829
              Fax: 0575-82509870
              Email: salis@

              Additives Division  (Textile printing and dyeing Auxiliaries)

              Contacts: Director Liu   
              Tel: 13967525917
              Email: lrm@